HVAC Systems
Up to $8,000* in protection

Protect your comfort all year long

Furnaces or boilers, air-conditioning units or heat pumps, even water heaters all work hard to keep your home comfortable. Systems that cycle on and off repetitively can have a tendency to fail over time through normal wear and tear. Protect yourself from the potential headache that comes with paying for HVAC repairs with our HVAC Systems Protection plan, and keep your home comfortable.

Furnaces, Heat Pumps, & Boilers


When your home needs heat, your heating system moves massive amounts of air around to accomplish the task. Intense heat and moving parts can cause wear and tear to your heating system. Our HVAC Systems Protection plan can help with the costs necessary to repair a failed system.

We may only use our home’s heating system for a portion of the year, but if it’s not working, it’s noticeable. Heating systems push an incredible amount of air through a home’s ducts when they are running. This puts a significant amount of stress on the fans, heating elements, and circuits involved. By enrolling in our HVAC Systems Protection, system stress doesn’t have to make you anxious. Just call us when there’s an issue and we will send our local, licensed contractor to the rescue.

With our service, these common heater issues are protected:

  • Failed circuit boards
  • Blower motors or blower-assembly failure
  • Standard thermostats
  • Malfunctioning flame sensor
  • Failed capacitors

Air Conditioning System


Keeping your cool when your air-conditioning unit is on the fritz can be difficult. Relax and let us handle the repairs. With our HVAC Systems Protection plan, we lessen the burden of the repair costs.

There’s nothing like the intense heat of the summer to make you appreciate living with the convenience of air conditioning. But removing the heat from a home takes work, and that work can potentially cause wear and tear to your central air-conditioning unit. When the inevitable happens, you’ll want to have our HVAC Systems Protection in place. That way, you can keep your cool and call us to handle your covered repairs.

Here are some common Air-Conditioning issues we handle:

  • Failed capacitors
  • Failed condenser motor
  • Malfunctioning circuit boards
  • Standard thermostats

Water Heaters


Keeping several gallons of water at ready temperature for use can eventually cause the tanks that hold the water to crack and leak. Along with causing the discomfort of cold water, a leak can be dangerous if left unattended. If you have an issue with your tank under our HVAC Systems Protection plan, you only need to call us. We will get a trusted, local contractor to your home, pay for the covered repair, and guarantee that repair for a full year.

Drawing a nice warm bath, washing your whites, and removing last night’s dinner off the plates all take hot water; and the heating of that water takes work. Over time, the repeated heating and reheating of 50+ gallons of water at a time can potentially cause the water heater tank to crack, connections to corrode, and even wear out delicate components. This wear-and-tear would be a concern if it weren’t for your HVAC Systems Protection plan. But with IGS Energy Home Protection, the only thing you need to do when your water heater wears out is to give us a call.

Below are some of the items we cover with your water heater:

  • Failed thermocouple
  • Compromised temperature & pressure-relief valve
  • Malfunctioning pilot-light assembly
  • Failed heating elements

What's Protected?

Our HVAC Systems Protection plan will protect your budget from the potentially high cost of repairing or replacing any of your HVAC systems. Furnace, heat pump, boiler, air conditioners, and water heaters are all under this warranty for a low monthly price. Keep your comfort for just a fraction of the cost of even one service call.

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Additional Notes:

  • Full details of protection will be included in a service agreement and schedule page after enrollment.
  • Outside gas is a protection option in those areas where outside gas is not already covered by your utility.
  • Our outside water protection includes a $4000 limit for covered repair/replacement and a separate limit of $500 which applies only to public sidewalk repair.
  • Our outside sewer protection includes a $4000 limit for covered repair/replacement and a separate $4000 limit which applies only to street cutting.
  • If your home has a different HVAC configuration (boiler, heat pump, multiple units, etc.) please contact us to enroll by phone at 877-275-8197.

Dependable service you can trust, local certified technicians, and guaranteed results.

Our Utility Line limits reset every 90 days and HVAC Systems limits reset every 365 days!

We get the technician to your door so you can get back to what’s important!

Work performed by local technicians is guaranteed for 12 months!

Account can be canceled at any time with no fee!

3 simple steps to reporting an issue

Buying Guide

There are other home warranty programs out there, but with any service you end up using, there are things you’ll want to look for. Use this handy buying guide as a reference as you’re pricing out plans to fit your budget and lifestyle.

What is a home warranty?

A home operates through its pipes, wires, and mechanical components, similar to the way your car or van operates. These hard-working items can be prone to leak or fail through their daily use. Home warranty services are plans that help cover the expense of repairs or the replacement to a home’s critical lines and major components. Home warranty plans often provide considerable protection for a nominal, monthly fee.

The Home Warranty plans, available through UtilityShield, include a wide range of protection options that work with your lifestyle. All plans include a 12-month guarantee on any protected repair.

The HVAC Systems protection plan:

  • Protects your budget from the cost of repair to your furnace, AC unit, and water heater, or boiler
  • Can be ideal for any HVAC system over 10 years old
  • Protection for up to $8,000

What is an HVAC System?

HVAC stands for Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and refers to a home’s heating and cooling systems. Depending on your home, you might have a boiler, heat pump, or traditional furnace as your primary heating device. Typically tied into these heating systems, is a central air-conditioning unit. With some HVAC protection plans, your home’s primary water heater might also be included as a protected heating system.

Window AC units, and secondary heaters or cooling systems are not considered part of a home’s HVAC system and are not typically included in most HVAC protection plans.

What is really being protected?

From the front door to the back, wear and tear can impact anything in a home over time. Protection plans may not prevent the lines or systems in your home from failing, but they can help protect your peace of mind and safeguard your budget from the potentially expensive costs associated with most repairs to those lines and systems.

When it comes to HVAC Systems, here are some common examples of items that need to be repaired:

Furnace, Boiler, or Heat Pump

  • Failed circuit boards
  • Blower motors or blower-assembly failure
  • Non-programmable thermostats
  • Malfunctioning flame sensor
  • Failed capacitors

Central AC

  • Failed capacitors
  • Failed condenser motor
  • Malfunctioning circuit boards
  • Non-programmable thermostats

Water Heater

  • Failed thermocouple
  • Compromised temperature & pressure relief valve
  • Malfunctioning pilot-light assembly
  • Failed heating elements

What if my HVAC systems are all electric?

Electric heating components like electric furnaces and electric water heaters operate by putting electrical resistance through a dense metal filament or rod—similar to a toaster or electric oven. This often creates a limited system lifespan. For instance, over time, repeated heating can cause any rod connections, wire coatings, or even the filament itself to be compromised.

UtilityShield offers combined protection to all three areas of your home in one, complete plan; providing you with comprehensive coverage so you can “set it and forget it”.

Is home warranty protection really worth it?

Ask yourself: “What am I willing to pay when something breaks in my home?” For example, enrolling in UtilityShield HVAC Systems protection plan is like having $8,000 set aside for a repair. But, your annual out-of-pocket for this plan is less than $200.

According to a study done by Bankrate.com, the majority of Americans do not have enough funds in their savings account to cover even a $500.00 service call.

The utility line failures that home protection plans typically cover are a very real—and potentially devastating— possibility of owning a home. By purchasing any home warranty product, you are making an investment in safeguarding your finances.

All images are for illustration purpose only and do not guarantee protection. Please refer to the corresponding service agreement for scope or contact us for more information.