Complete peace of mind

If you want to avoid having to budget for costly repairs to the critical components inside and outside your home, our Complete plan is for you. One monthly rate of $34.95 and you can rest assured that, if your home’s lines and systems wear out, you have a trusted company to help you with the cost to make it right again

Inside Utility Lines

Worry-free doesn’t come any easier than this: our Complete plan safeguards your family’s budget from potentially expensive repairs to any of the utility lines in your home—that’s water, sewer, gas, and electric lines from where they enter your home and throughout. But keep scrolling, inside lines is just the beginning of this comprehensive protection.

Outside Utility Lines

Along with your interior lines, our Complete plan also lessens the financial burden of repairs to your outside water, sewer, and electric lines— and in some areas the outside gas lines—from wherever you are responsible. Keep scrolling to see what else our Complete plan includes.

HVAC Systems

Everything that we offer in our HVAC Systems plan has also been rolled into our Complete plan. That means your furnace, heat pump, boiler, air-conditioning unit, and water heater are all protected by this plan. With our Complete plan, you receive guaranteed assistance with the repairs to any of these protected systems.

What's Protected?

With the Complete plan, your home’s budget is safe from potentially expensive repairs to your inside and outside water, sewer, electric, and gas—wherever the utility’s responsibility ends to wherever the line terminates within your home—along with repairs to your furnace, heat pump, boiler, air conditioner, and water heater.

Main/Curbline: Where your home's lines meet the utility's main line.
Weatherhead: Curved metal support for electric lines entering your home.
Inside Utility Lines
Outside Utility Lines
HVAC Systems
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Additional Notes:

  • Full details of protection will be included in a service agreement and schedule page after enrollment.
  • Outside gas is a protection option in those areas where outside gas is not already protected by your utility.
  • Our outside water protection includes a $4000 limit for protected repair/replacement and a separate limit of $500 which applies only to public sidewalk repair.
  • Our outside sewer protection includes a $4000 limit for protected repair/replacement and a separate $4000 limit which applies only to street cutting.
  • If your home has a different HVAC configuration (boiler, heat pump, multiple units, etc.) please contact us to enroll by phone at 844-843-4131.

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Our Total Line limits reset every 90 days and HVAC Systems limits reset every 365 days!

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Work performed by local technicians is guaranteed for 12 months!

Your account can be canceled at any time with no fee!

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All images are for illustration purpose only and do not guarantee protection. Please refer to the corresponding service agreement for scope or contact us for more information.